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Most wanted iPhone 6 feature is a sapphire display

What do you want to see most on the new iPhone 6 (if you care about Apple's upcoming device, that is)?

That was the question posed by in a poll of a thousand mobile owners across the US, and the resoundingly top response was the much talked about sapphire screen. 45 per cent of respondents said they wanted a super-tough sapphire display, with 50 per cent of Android and iPhone users saying they would ditch their current smartphone for the iPhone 6 if it came with such a screen.

Whether or not we'll see sapphire on the iPhone 6 is a bone of contention – while the iWatch is likely to boast the material, Apple's smartphone may only have it on limited models at launch (namely the more expensive devices, to get folks forking out for iPhones with large storage capacities, and matching big price tags).

What else do people want on the next-gen iPhone? In second place with 19 per cent was an infrared blaster to allow the handset to be used as a remote control. Fitness and health tools came third on 10 per cent – and unlike the above two points, these are pretty much guaranteed with iOS 8's fresh focus on health.

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Surprisingly, the fourth element on the list was the ability to display 3D images, with 9 per cent of respondents wanting a feature similar to Amazon's Fire Phone (we don't really see the point of this, but there you go).

The fifth and final item on the wish-list of those polled was cool headphones to go with the new iPhone, perhaps some Beats ones (though the acquisition is fairly recent, so that might be a push).

Related: Apple's iPhone 6 will have 1GB of RAM on board? also asked about what the most important improvements to existing iPhone features would be, with the majority indicating that better battery life was the primary concern here. This isn't the first time we've heard that battery life is the most important smartphone feature.

Second on this list was a bigger screen (which is definitely happening), then a better camera (again, guaranteed), improved phone reception (who knows on that), and more memory (rumour has it that Apple is planning to produce a 128GB model).

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