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Dyson to launch its first robot vacuum cleaner, Project N223

Dyson looks set to launch its first robot vacuum cleaner on the 4 September.

The British company released a cryptic video on its website for a device referred to as "Project N223".

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The video, which parodies a famous scene from the first Robocop film, shows the perspective of the device as people move around it, before the device is turned on at the end of the clip. With several autonomous vacuum cleaners moving in the background, Dyson is leaving plenty of hints regarding the nature of the device.

The company has also removed a section of its website that displayed development projects, including a robot vacuum called Dyson dc06.

Although autonomous cleaners have been around for a while now, Dyson has previously said it would not enter the market until it had perfected the product. The firm even prepared to launch a similar device back in 2001, before cancelling it for being too expensive and heavy.

In order to be successful, Dyson will have to go head-to-head with Roomba, which has already sold 10 million units worldwide and continues to update its tracking system.

While Dyson is likely to create a small, practical robot vacuum cleaner to attract customers who are already loyal to the brand, the company could reveal something more left-field. Last year, the firm invested £5 million into a lab at London Imperial College to study how robots see the world around them, so perhaps the device's artificial intelligence may be more impressive than expected.

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The full details on Project N223 will be revealed on the 4 September.