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iPhone 6 will come in gold, silver and grey, with better audio quality

We can expect at least one iPhone leak a day from here on in – given that Apple has now confirmed its big press event for 9 September – and today's (first) concerns the colours that the iPhone 6 will be available in, and the audio quality of the handset.

Unfortunately, it's not very interesting news on the former point, as these colours will be exactly the same as the current iPhone 5S: namely gold, silver and grey.

This info comes from renowned Apple leaker (via BGR), which has published images which are purportedly of a number of iPhone 6 components, including the SIM card trays, and these are painted in, well, gold, silver and grey.

Another interesting titbit is that the trays have a slightly curved edge, which would seem to confirm the fact that the iPhone 6 will have rounded edges for a more comfortable hold, and slick appearance.

As for the audio front, the images posted also include the handset's internal speaker, which is larger than previous models, so hopefully that indicates we'll get a better default sound from the iPhone 6 when not using headphones.

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Earlier this week, spilled an alleged a piece of promo artwork – a box insert for the iPhone 6 – and although this snap appeared to be a fake, this batch of pics is far more convincing.

Recent iPhone rumours have also pointed to a protruding rear camera ring (we hope this one is errant), and a model with 128GB of storage (and doubtless a price tag to match).

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