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Microsoft's OneDrive update merges personal and work accounts

Microsoft has responded to user criticism by launching a series of updates to its OneDrive mobile app.

While the updates include improvements across Windows Phone and iOS platforms, the enhancements on the Android operating system are the most extensive.

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Users can now access both personal and work accounts, via their Android device, as Microsoft looks to create a more unified OneDrive experience. With many users increasingly having just the one device for work and personal files, the update should make things simpler for users wrestling with the demands of work and home.

OneDrive will still keep work and personal accounts separate, and will make it clear which one you are currently using, but now users can access both through a single app.

Additional security features have also been added, with OneDrive now supporting a 4 digit PIN in order to limit access to the app and your files.

Microsoft announced the upgrades via a blog post, adding that they should be available "to iOS and Windows Phone devices in the coming months."

iPhone users will now benefit from a new, native search function for iOS. Users can also experience the All Photos view, which has been imported from the web application.

And while Microsoft has been accused of neglecting its own Windows Phone operating system in the past, the firm also announced a series of bug fixes for the platform, along with easier access to the OneDrive recycle bin.

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All of these updates should be available immediately and Microsoft has asked for users to continue to provide feedback on the OneDrive app via its UserVoice site.