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Secure publishing finally a reality with Huddle

Most organisations share or publish files in some form or another, whether internally or externally, but once content is out there it's difficult to know who's reading it or how it's being used.

The latest product announcement from cloud collaboration specialist Huddle addresses this by providing companies with intelligence around completed content published at scale and how it is being consumed. It also complements Huddle's intelligent recommendation engine, which finds relevant content for each user within large organisations.

The new platform will give organisations the ability to publish final, read-only versions of documents to a secure audience and monitor all activities around the files. As well as overcoming the issues associated with distributing documentation via email, courier, FTP or the postal service - such as cost and lack of security - companies will be able to measure and improve their business transactions.

"Just as there was a shift from traditional advertising methods to online advertising due to the fact it could be measured and tracked, a similar transformation is now taking place in digital document publishing", explains Stuart Cochran, CTO of Huddle. "Large enterprises and governments now want more control and intelligence around the information they're distributing and, for us, secure publishing is more than just sharing a link to a file. It's about combining digital publishing with analytics and providing organisations with much needed insight into the effectiveness of their content and how it’s being consumed".

Secure publishing combines with Huddle's analytics dashboard allowing users to distribute files to a secure audience using measures like expiry dates and one-time passwords. It provides the ability to revoke and re-enable files and control over when a new version is published following changes.

Transaction details include how often a document has been viewed, who has acknowledged reading it and the percentage of people who have and haven't read it.

Huddle secure publishing is due for release in early 2015, meantime customers can register their interest on the company's website and there's a look at how it can contribute to the document lifecycle in infographic form below.

Huddle - Document Life Cycle - FINAL

Image Credit: Constantine Pankin / Shutterstock