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Tech News Weekly podcast 33: What to expect from IFA 2014 (Hint: Lots of smartphones)

On this weeks Tech News Weekly podcast from find out why China is once again at war with Microsoft over anti-monopoly investigations. A quick look forward to the IFA conference next week, and how Michael J Fox, Pebble Smartwatch and Intel have joined in the fight against Parkinsons disease. Plus why Google's Gmail App and others are potentially at risk to hacking.

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Articles discussed this week

Samsung set to copy Moto 360: New Gear smartwatch and virtual reality headset launching alongside Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014

Microsoft attacked by China after being accused of not fully cooperating with anti-monopoly investigation

Gmail smartphone app on Android hacked by US researchers

Pebble Smartwatch, Intel and Michael J Fox wage war against Parkinson's disease

Hacker cracks open over half of South Korea's bank accounts in massive data breach