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Apple’s iWatch won’t go on sale until 2015

We recently reported on Apple preparing to launch its smartwatch (opens in new tab) the week after next, during the big media event on 9 September when the iPhone 6 will be unwrapped – but while the iPhone will likely be on sale a week or two later, the iWatch most certainly won't.

That's the latest word from Re/code (opens in new tab), the tech site which brought us news of the fact that Apple had switched plans late in the game from an October reveal for the iWatch, to launching it alongside the iPhone (remember – this is all speculation, of course, but Re/code is about as reliable a source as they come).

The iWatch apparently won't actually be on sale "anytime soon", and according to Re/code's sources, it'll be a few months before it's on shelves. Indeed, it would seem that early 2015 is more likely than just before Christmas as was previously anticipated.

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That does leave us wondering why Apple (supposedly) pulled the launch event forward from October if the device won't be on sale until 2015. Maybe they just want to make a massive impact on 9 September with not only multiple iPhones but the watch as well.

It will also mean Cupertino misses out on Christmas sales with the watch, and given that wearables are predicted to be very popular tech gifts this season of being jolly, that would seem like quite a missed opportunity.

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Still, if the thing ain't ready – it ain't ready.

The iWatch is expected to tie in with Apple's HealthKit for fitness stuff, and also on the smart home front with HomeKit, and will likely make good use of Siri. The voice assistant may be due a major overhaul given the cryptic clue on the September press invite tagline (opens in new tab) – "we wish we could say more" (our emphasis added).

Please note: The above image is a concept drawing only. No official press shots of the iWatch have yet been released.

Darren Allan
Darren Allan

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