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Fujifilm and Xerox unite to build a robotic printer so smart it delivers documents straight to your desk

Everything seems to be getting smarter these days. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, even smart sport stadiums, all of which are designed to enhance our user experience. Now, Fujifilm and Xerox have tried to get in on the act with what is probably the smartest printer you've ever seen.

The new, robotic appliance uses sensors to move around a room and deliver documents straight to the recipient, thereby keeping sensitive files private to the owner.

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It has been primarily designed for public places such as an airport business lounge, where each desk is given a unique web address for users to access and upload documents. The printer then travels over to the recipient, who has to scan a smart card to activate the printing.

The obvious advantage is that no-one else will be able to get a sneak peak at your documents, although not everyone is convinced.

IDC analyst Maggie Tan said; "The majority of these business lounges would have higher printing demand, especially from business travellers who always need to print urgently using a secured method."

"There are several mobile printing solutions available today that users can submit the print job online through their mobile devices or laptops and they are given a secured password to collect their printouts."

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These doubts were echoed by Bryan Ma, also of IDC who suggested that the device "seems more like technology for technology's sake."

The as yet unnamed printer has a battery life of up to a day and is currently being tested at a business lounge in Tokyo.

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