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Samsung accelerates Internet of Things plans with Smart Home SDK and safety services

Samsung has grand plans for the connected home market with a raft of new innovations set to be unveiled at IFA 2014 that build on its early efforts in the fast growing sector.

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Among the new Smart Home products is an SDK that will allow third party products to be used on the platform later this year and various security and energy management solutions to make homes even more innovative.

“We plan to build a truly open smart home ecosystem by actively incorporating a variety of services and platforms into the cloud, as well as by opening up Samsung’s platform to developers,” said Robert King, VP of consumer electronics at Samsung UK and Ireland. “The Samsung Smart Home will continue to evolve through the development of new services that enable people to enjoy their lives in smart ways.”

Safety services are at the heart of Samsung’s Smart Home plans and it plans to connects digital door locks with IP cameras that allow homeowners to monitor who enters and exits the house when they aren’t there. When a digital door is opened a notification is sent to a smartphone and the home owner can view the IP camera in a dedicated app.

Energy management is another of its main focuses and in that sense the app is able to keep track of energy-hungry appliances on a monthly basis by showing the approximate cost of the energy bill at the end of it. The energy management suite also includes the option to set a monthly maximum electricity allowance for individual devices or appliances with a popup alert sent when the limit is being neared.

Location awareness is another strand to Samsung’s Smart Home bow and this uses location recognition technology to turn on devices when a homeowner is nearby, such as lights and air conditioning units.

Owners of Samsung wearable devices, smartphones and tablets can also use S Voice to control what is going on in the home by switching devices on and off using the technology.

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The SDK will tie-in to all of this in order to let third party firms create products that work with the Samsung Smart Home and any interested parties attending IFA 2014 can see a demonstration on Level 2 of CityCube Berlin.Porthole Ad