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Transfer deadline day latest: DocuSign flies banner over Old Trafford to push #FaxOutOfFootball

DocuSign is throwing its weight behind a campaign to get football to follow the rest of the world and abandon the fax machine in favour of modern methods that are both more secure and faster.

“Not only is it a ridiculous amount of money riding on a piece of history but there are other issues. Faxing is tedious, insecure and delays the transaction for such a fast paced sport. There's also no digital audit trail to help make it legally binding, identifying where a contract has come from, how many hands it has passed through, and more,” stated Mark Law, sports technology expert at DocuSign.

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Radamel Falcao, Jermain Defoe and Javier Hernandez are among the big names that will feature in Sky Sports’ infamous scrolling yellow banner throughout today and the fact that faxes are still at the heart of the deals is a surprise to many.

To push home the point, DocuSign flew a plane over Old Trafford with a banner attached that publicised its #FaxOutOfFootball campaign that aims to eliminate ths outdated practice.

Law spoke to just last week and explained that the fax machine is at the centre of the transfer process that sees around £700 million change hands and the rubber-stamp on the deal from the Premier League relies on faxing contracts to its head office.

“The fact that final sign-offs are still being processed through outdated technologies such as the fax machine, is astonishing. I can’t imagine many industries relying on such outdated processes when there are better, faster, more convenient and secure methods,” stated football agent Hayden Evans.

The Premier League does accept scanned documents sent by email although it doesn’t have anything in place to allow digital signing of contracts.

Not only is a digital contract more secure than one that is faxed over, it is also much faster and eliminates the risk of a player not being signed when a fax doesn’t reach Premier League HQ on time.

So when the window slams shut later tonight and Jim White reliably informs you of the player your club almost signed just remember that modern technology would have pushed it through.

Image Credit: Twitter (Sky Sports News HQ (opens in new tab))

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