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Bristol City Council spends £1.5m on the G-Cloud

Bristol City Council (opens in new tab) has spent £1.5m via the G-Cloud procurement framework (opens in new tab) on cloud migration services for its IT infrastructure.

The local authority has signed a contract with not-for-profit public IT services provider Eduserv (opens in new tab) as it requires a secure datacentre to support its council-wide building consolidation plan.

The firm says it will be taking over day-to-day management of Bristol’s IT estate, using cloud migration services to support the council’s transformation programme.

“The benefits of having our own datacentre is local government can free up their real estate immediately by collocating in our datacentre and migrating to the cloud in a controlled environment,” claimed Andrew Hawkins (opens in new tab), Eduserv sales director.

“Security is paramount to our services and our consultancy team make sure all customers have the right level of security for their data.

“To ensure we are delivering the best service, our cloud infrastructure is designed to host “Official” information assets and is Pan Government Accredited at Business Impact Levels IL2 and IL3,” he added.

Bristol wants high-quality, cost-efficient services

“Like every council, we are faced with the challenge of delivering high quality services while reducing our costs by 30 per cent,” claimed Bristol’s service manager for commissioning and supplier relationship management Steve Pendleton.

“The ICT market is changing rapidly, becoming much more commoditised and consumer led, where significant economies of scale are now possible,” he added.

Pendleton also claimed that the local authority will not need much of its own ICT going forward – instead, it will buy services that match demand in a more flexible way.

“IT transformation plays a critical role in allowing us to achieve that,” the service manager claimed.

“Moving our IT estate to the cloud will give us a more flexible and cost-effective resource which can adapt to our changing needs.

Porthole Ad“In doing this we are pleased to be working with Eduserv, supporting SMEs and delivering the Digital City agenda,” he added.