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Charge your phone wherever you are with Native Union's KEY cable

Technology firm Native Union has created a portable power cable that doubles as a key chain for users who need to be able to charge their devices at all times.

KEY cable is available in a variety of colours, including classic marine, striking coral or zebra, so users should be able to find a cable to suit their own sense of style.

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The device comes with a USB connector at one end and a lightning or micro USB cable at the other, so users can charge their smartphone or tablet whenever they need to.

The founder of Native Union, John Brunner, said that while standard power cables can be portable, they often lack the durability and convenience of his firm's product.

"Carrying a charging cable is now a modern day requirement; phones, tablets and portable devices always seem to run out of battery at the worst time. KEY Cable is designed to be lightweight enough to be carried with you at all times and stylish enough to work as an accessory, so you're never caught without power again," he said.

The cable is compatible with any USB port, whether on a computer, television or any other device and will work with products across iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms.

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The KEY cable is available to buy now for £24.99 from Native Union (opens in new tab) in both lightning and micro USB versions.

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