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Clinch location-based video editing app thrown on the scrapheap

Clinch has been thrown on the app scrapheap after its founders announced the demise of the mobile video app that allowed users to patch together a number of clips to create a complete video.

The founders plan to continue as a company and have already developed a mobile advertising solution in the place of the unique mobile video app and the company had a heavy heart in leaving its app behind.

“We are writing you with mixed emotions as we are excited for the success of our new products and the road ahead of us, but are sad to shut down this entertaining, useful app we’ve create,” stated CEO Oz Etzioni in an email to Tech Crunch (opens in new tab).

Users were able to get Clinch to automatically thread video clips and photos together based on location and these could then be customised further by selecting personalised backgrounds, themes and music.

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One of the most attractive things about the app was that it allowed users to create collaborative movies with content from others at the same location and therefore owed itself to concert footage, sporting events, conferences and various other large gatherings.

Even with this unique offering there are plenty of apps that offer a similar service such as Animoto, Flipagram, and Sharalike as well as a wide range of apps that have tools to allow video editing.

The company now plans to have a strong focus on Smart Programmatic Creative solutions for the digital advertising sector and it has an HTML5 ad-rendering engine that brings together location, user and product information in real time for its clients.

Clinch’s creators will remove the app from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on 15 September and support is set to be withdrawn on the same date in favour of its new digital advertising approach.

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