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Looking for an easier commute? Movpak's electric skateboard backpack could be for you

Commuters looking for a portable way to speed up their journey to and from work could be in luck with the launch of Movpak, the world's first electric skateboard built into a backpack.

The device, which launched on Kickstarter this week, will be available to early supporters for $999 (£600).

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After the first production run, the price will increase to $1,190 (£720) and then $1,299 (£790) before eventually becoming available through more traditional retail outlets next year for $1,999 (£1,200).

In terms of specs, the electric skateboard has a top speed of 15 miles per hour with a range of 9 miles, which should be enough to cover the walking portion, at least, of most people's journeys to work. When fully charged, the device has a battery life of two hours, so users may want to find a plug while at work to top it up between journeys.

The Movpak also comes with a wireless controller in order to operate the device, while the backpack remains located at the rear of the board to provide a handy stabiliser for novice riders.

The only potential issue is that when not being ridden, the Movpak could prove a bit weighty for some. Altogether, the backpack weighs 17 pounds, so while it's convenient to carry the entire device in a single backpack, users are unlikely to want to carry it around for hours at a time.

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Having said that, the backpack does come with an extendable handle allowing you to roll the bag around on the skateboard's wheels and when users consider that the battery can be used to charge other devices, they may find it a convenience worth paying for.

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