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Microsoft Cortana advert puts 'robotic' Siri in her place

The advert wars continue with comparative ads aplenty fired at each other by the big tech giants, and the latest one extols the virtues of Microsoft's voice assistant compared to Apple's effort.

The "mirror mirror" commercial (spotted by the Verge) tries to promote the natural voice and manner of Cortana, and contrast it with Siri, which is made to sound clipped and robotic in comparison.

The ad begins with an iPhone 5S-powered Siri looking into a mirror and singing (sort of) "I feel pretty", before meeting an HTC One M8-powered Cortana.

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Cortana then shows off how she can keep you on time for your appointments, but moreover, how she sounds great, not just in terms of a more natural manner, but due to the twin Boomsound speakers on the M8 (which are indeed superb for music and all sound, as we noted in our review of HTC's flagship).

Siri is then forced to admit she only has the one speaker, and... well we won't ruin the punch-line. Watch the video above to hear it for yourself.

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It's true enough that the iPhone certainly loses the battle on the sonic front here, and it's a clever little ad with an amusing enough ending – though some of the commenters on YouTube have rightly pointed out that Microsoft has gone a little far in making Cortana sound better, and Siri more stilted. Such is the world of advertising, of course...

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