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Sorry Google: UK Auto Trader poll finds that 95 per cent of Brits don't trust driverless cars

Driverless cars are the future. Well, that's what Google keeps telling us, but according to a recent poll carried out by Auto Trader we Brits have got a long way to go before we're convinced.

The survey of over 1,000 British motorists revealed that a whopping 95 per cent of us have concerns about the safety of self-driving cars on busy public roads.

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Furthermore, two thirds of people said they wouldn't want to use one on the school run and 54 per cent of us wouldn't even consider purchasing one in the first place.

In terms of the positives, the poll did also reveal that we view having a reduced fuel bill and being able to do other things whilst on the move as two of the top reasons to own an autonomous car.

John Quirk, editor-in-chief of Auto Trader, said; "We know that safety and reliability are the main priority for UK motorists. The fact that 95 per cent of drivers still have concerns around self-driving cars shows that there is a huge education job to be done before drivers will trust in the technology and consider purchasing."

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Whatever the concerns, the arrival of driverless cars on these shores doesn't appear to be too far away, as the government has announced that they are expected to start appearing on public roads by January 2015.

A £10m fund has also been made available and 18-month trials are being planned in three as-yet-unnamed UK cities.

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