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Uber goes über the line: Frankfurt court bans taxi app in Germany

A court in Frankfurt has ruled that the taxi and ride share company, Uber, can no longer operate its controversial smartphone app in Germany.

Only last month Uber was banned in Berlin (opens in new tab) following the local government's ruling that the service endangered passenger safety. The ride share app was banned in Hamburg in July based on Uber drivers not being properly licensed. However Uber managed to overturn that decision six days ago.

In August the Berlin State Department of Civil and Regulatory Affairs said (opens in new tab) that it cannot allow a transport service that uses "non-approved drivers in unlicensed vehicles", it also added that "the basic idea of the protection of the taxi trade" was a factor in the decision. However the ruling was overturned just four days later.

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The ruling is likely to come as a shock to Uber, which announced on its blog (opens in new tab) that it planned to double capacity by the end of year and that the service was planning on launching in Cologne, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Bonn, Essen, Dortmund and Potsdam.

Uber has faced huge backlash across the globe from angry taxi drivers who feel that the service is unfair. Senior Labour MP Margaret Hodge said (opens in new tab) that Uber is "competing unfairly by allegedly failing to comply with many of the regulations laid down in law," and "undercut London [taxi] operators by opting out of the UK tax regime."

The ruling is a temporary junction and the decision could be changed at a follow-up hearing, reported Der Spiegal (opens in new tab).

Although a nation-wide ban on Uber may seem like a massive blow, considering the number of times Uber's been banned in Germany, the ride share company may just want to wait this one out.

What do you think? Why has there been such outcry against Uber? Is technology causing more of us to lose jobs? Let us know in the comments section below.