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UK companies surpassed by European counterparts in big data race

UK firms face being left behind by European rivals when it comes to big data’s new wave with just a fifth of firms actively exploring three or more of a new raft of ways to gain insights.

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OnePoll’s survey of 300 C-Level executives at enterprises showed just one third of UK organisations are “actively investigating” over one type of new data whereas 55 per cent of French and German companies are already doing so.

“The survey results indicate that UK companies are falling behind their competitors in Germany and France in the use of the new types of Big Data and the evolving techniques of analysis,” said Duncan Ross, director of data sciences at Teradata International, according to Cloud Pro. “The gap in performance means UK companies need to seize this opportunity and obtain the right expertise to fulfil their potential in what will be the most important arena of business in the 21st Century.”

The new data types identified by the survey include social media, web blogs, video, call centre notes, audio files and sensors in the Internet of Things [IoT], HTML and XML.

Accuracy is a major reason that the new methods are being employed, 33 per cent of UK executives admitting that this is the main goal when using the new techniques. Over in Germany, however, 56 per cent stated the main goal of the new big data methods is to reduce to time it takes to receive results.

Efficiency is at the heart of adoption on the continent with 57 per cent of French and German companies using data analytics to “increase efficiency and reduce people time” whereas only 24 per cent of UK firms do it for this reason.

When it comes to completing tasks, 38 per cent of UK firms think data analytics will enable them to complete existing tasks more efficiently. This is at odds with 54 per cent of French firms and 62 per cent of German companies that are more interested in how new data analytics can help them complete new tasks more efficiently.

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The latest figures come after a survey released in May that showed businesses must adapt their processes to effectively crunch big data and employing a new strategy will be particularly important when using the new methods on offer.Porthole Ad

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