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EE tempts UK customers with £1 a week 4G pay as you go deal

The UK can look forward to saving a few pounds with EE's new "quid-a-week" 4G pay as you go deal which offers customers the bare minimum of data, texts and calls.

Costing just £1 a week, EE has hailed its new pay as you go offering as a harbinger of change that will "transform the pay as you go market." However, offering customers just 10 minutes, 10 texts and 100MB of data every seven days doesn't sound like much – and it really isn't.

With that plan, users will only have enough data to check Facebook once or twice, listen to a handful of songs on Spotify, and check in with their loved ones by text occasionally.

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Then again, the reason this is so revolutionary is because the deal clearly targets those who rarely send texts or make calls, and who usually browse the web using Wi-Fi.

The £1 a week deal may be the story making headlines, but it's not the only deal EE is offering. The UK company has refreshed its entire 4G PAYG lineup.

First up, for just £10 a month users can bag either 250 minutes and unlimited texts, or 150 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

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If you have slightly more cash, £15 a month will increase the allowance to either 750 minutes and unlimited texts or 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

The most expensive option from EE stands now at £25 a month, and for this you get 4G with 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 4GB of data.

It's certainly tempting, and has been even more so by some tasty titbits thrown in on top. EE has promised to reward those who top-up for three consecutive months with freebies, including extra data, minutes and texts.

The new pay as you go options have rolled out across the UK and are available to 4G customers now.

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