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Folks already queuing up for the iPhone 6 in New York

Never mind the on-sale date, the next-gen iPhone won't even be revealed until next week, and yet already people are queuing outside Apple's New York flagship store to be first in line to purchase the phone(s).

In fact, the first people in line (well, they were first – we'll explain in a moment), cousins Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz, told CNBC that they've been in line at the Fifth Avenue store since Sunday night, well over a week before the launch.

They will have a total wait time of 20 days, they say, which will beat the current record of 17 days waiting – but they aren't doing this purely for that reason. The pair are also being sponsored by a company that buys second-hand mobiles in the US, and indeed they're actually numbers three and four in the queue now – as they sold their top spots to Jason and Moon Ray for $1250 (£760) apiece.

The Rays stumped up to be first in order to get on camera and snag air-time to promote their app (Jason should really change his name to Manta, though, we reckon).

As has been the case for a while now, it's no longer major Apple fanboys at the front of the line, but those who want to make money or promote a product or brand in some way.

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Apple will reveal its new iPhone 6 (which is due to come in two versions – a 4.7in handset and 5.5in phablet) next Tuesday 9 September. A digital wallet is also coming alongside the device(s), according to the latest speculation.

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