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IFA 2014: Samsung debuts world’s first curved TV soundbar alongside 105in bendable TV set

Samsung is showing off a huge bendable 105in UHD TV set at IFA 2014 as well as a dedicated soundbar for its range of 17 different curved TV sets.

The Korean consumer electronics manufacturer has a range of Ultra HD, Full HD and LED models that range in size from 48in to a huge 105in and its booth also includes the bendable UHD set.

“We’re at the beginning of an exciting new era in TV viewing - an era driven by the curve: a simple yet powerful design that greatly enhances the viewing and overall sensory experience,” said Robert King, VP of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

Its bendable UHD TV set has a 105in display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and allows viewers to choose between watching a flat-panel display or one that is curved up to 4200R when the latter is activated. It also features a Timeless Gallery design, UHD dimming and upscaling for the highest picture optimisation, reduced light diffusion, and enhanced contrast.

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Samsung has also used the event to unveil the first TV-matching soundbar specifically designed for curved TVs that is the same shape as the sets and brings 8.1 surround sound.

Also in the sound department it is showing off Wireless Audio Multiroom technology that allows smart devices to control output across the house and its partnership with Spotify’s Connect service links in with this further.

As announced previously, from September the company’s curved UHD sets will support Netflix UHD streaming in Europe as well as content from Amazon Instant Video arriving in October with Samsung’s whole 4K package now one of the most impressive on the market.

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