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Mobile app of the day: Foodmento

Eating out can be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. How often have you made a decision to try a place just on the basis of how it looks as you stroll by? They do say that an empty restaurant is not a good sign – especially if there's a fuller one nearby. But there are also other people's reviews to take into account, and those folks who like to eat out doubtless have a few apps on their phone to help find good eateries.

Foodmento is an app that does food reviews – and it tries to be more focused than some. Individual meals can be rated and recorded, and then, of course, shared via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or SMS. If you are in the market for something to eat, then you can search the app on criteria like food type, price and other users' ratings. When you find what you want, hop over to Google Maps for directions to the eatery, or make a reservation with OpenTable.

Foodmento is one of those apps that needs plenty of content for it to be a success. It is newish, and not hugely well populated right now, but it does have potential. Wouldn't you like to know the best place to eat fish, pasta, or vegan in the town you're just visiting for the weekend? Give Foodmento a go, and help it grow.

Click here to download Foodmento for iOS.

Product: Foodmento


Price: Free