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Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset up for pre-order after price reveal

Price details have been revealed for Samsung's recently launched Gear VR virtual reality headset, after a third-party UK retailer made the device available for pre-order.

The retailer, MobileFun, did not give any indication as to when the headset would be available, but listed the price as £150.

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Samsung announced the device at the company's Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event, when the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge were also launched. The South Korean firm also revealed that the Gear VR is optimised for the Note 4 smartphone, which will be used as the headset's display.

The Gear VR will be available in Frost White colour through Samsung and its selected carriers, but the company has not released an official price for the headset.

The company notes, "With the Gear VR Innovator Edition, users can sit in the best seat of a theatre, can be on-stage of a performance with full 360 3D video, and can enjoy gaming like it's never been seen before - inside the stunning worlds where imagination becomes reality."

Samsung already has deals in place with Marvel, DreamWorks, and Legendary Pictures to provide content for the Gear VR.

The device will face stiff competition from Sony's Project Morpheus headset, which is currently in the prototype stage. It will also be interesting to see the development of Oculus VR, the company providing the technology for Samsung's release, after being purchased by Facebook back in March.

Chief technology officer for Oculus, John Carmack, praised the developing partnership between his firm and Samsung.

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"We are thrilled to reveal the Gear VR Innovator Edition, a state-of-the-art mobile VR experience powered by Oculus. The deep technical partnership with Samsung has enabled us to create a virtual reality headset with world class resolution and performance, all on a completely mobile platform," he said.