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Apple’s iPhone 6 phablet will pack a beefy battery

There's good news for Apple phone fans on the battery life front, as it appears the phablet version of Cupertino's next-gen iPhone will have a chunky battery indeed.

This latest leak comes from that source of many pieces of iPhone related speculation, (via MacRumors (opens in new tab)), with the French website posting a video showing the battery unit (though it's typically blurry footage in places – check out the clip above).

It would seem to be authentic – with an Apple part number of 616-0675, and running at 4.35 volts, as previous leaks have pointed to – and the battery is a hefty 2,915 mAh affair (compared to 1,560mAh in the current iPhone 5S).

Unfortunately the 4.7in iPhone 6 won't sport such a juice reservoir, and is rumoured instead to have a 1,810 mAh unit – which may not offer much improvement over the battery life of the 5S, given the jump in screen size here.

Of course, the phablet will definitely need more power still for its 5.5in display – but if these rumours are true, it will have a lot more oomph (60 per cent more than the 4.7in model, roughly, and the screen isn't that much bigger). Phablets do have certain advantages, of course, relatively roomy innards being one of them.

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The news on the iWatch battery front isn't so great, sadly, with Apple employees warning that they have low expectations (opens in new tab) when it comes to the longevity of the smartwatch (by all accounts, it tries to pack a lot on board a pretty compact device).

We'll find out the claimed battery life on all these devices tomorrow, hopefully, as Tim Cook is expected to launch the lot come Tuesday 18:00 GMT (with live streaming provided to Apple devices (opens in new tab)).

You can follow our live coverage, complete with detailed commentary and analysis, right here (opens in new tab).

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