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Google reveals roadmap for Android Wear, music and more

Smartwatches seem to be a polarising force in the marketplace these days; love or loathe them, they seem here to stay. So far, when it comes to Google's Android Wear, we've seen three devices debuted and another on the way, all of which should appeal to those looking to this market as the future.

Now, Google has expressed its software plans for the future of its wearable platform. Included in this roadmap is both music and new watchfaces, which should appeal to potential customers, though the hardware already boasts thousands of apps.

The very first thing on the horizon is music - namely offline playback, which will allow users to head out into the wild, but still enjoy tunes via a Bluetooth headset. Along with this update, GPS will ride along. This is mainly for those of us who run, or at least walk - "if your watch includes a GPS sensor, you can track your distance and speed too".

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The next update will bring downloadable watch faces. The search giant states this update is "so you can customise the visual design of your watch's home screen to show the information you want to see most - like your calendar or fitness sensors. Developers will soon be working on watch faces, making them available on Google Play".

So far, four watches have joined the family, though one isn't actually on the market. The Asus Zen will be coming out later this year, but you can now purchase products from Motorola, LG and Samsung.