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iPhone 6 images leak out showing the finished handset [VIDEO]

While the iPhone 6 is about to be revealed tomorrow, there's still time to get a leak (or probably two) in, and of course some of the juiciest leaks emerge right before the actual handset itself.

This particular spill comes from CnBeta (a Chinese website – it was spotted by GSM Arena), and it consists of a number of images of the (allegedly) finished 4.7in version of the iPhone 6.

The pics line up with everything we've previously heard, namely that the iPhone 6 is a sleek looking device with rounded edges. The back has a metal finish, and there are two strips running across it for the antennas.

There's no fancy embedded Apple logo on the rear, which was one previous rumour, but the camera does have a raised ring surrounding it, and isn't flush to the body as it is on the iPhone 5S. This was one rumour we were hoping didn't come to fruition, but we guess Apple must have its reasons for the move, and it doesn't look like the ring protrudes too much looking at these images (check the rest of the pics out at GSM Arena).

The snaps also give us a glance at iOS 8 and the home screen, which has an extra row of icons.

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The iPhone 6 already has people queuing up to buy the thing – even before it has been revealed, and indeed some folks over in New York have been lined up for over a week now (though admittedly they're mainly publicity seekers, or those being paid to be there).

Tim Cook is also expected to reveal the iWatch alongside the iPhone tomorrow, with a number of invites going out to fashion press who will be interested in the watch.

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Image Credit: CnBeta (via GSM Arena)