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Mobile app of the day: Udacity

Online learning is the Open University of the modern age, and Udacity provides online learning in a whole host of mostly technology based areas. The range of classes is extensive – how about learning Java, HTML5 games development, Python, or how to develop Android apps, for example?

The classes are provided by some major names – Salesforce, Facebook, Google, Autodesk, Nvidia and more. They're graded as appropriate for either beginner, intermediate or advanced level learners and there are some courses suitable for people new to technology too.

Each course is broken into lessons which are described in outline. You are told how long the courses run for and how many hours a week you'd be expected to put in. You can take courses for free, but only get access to some materials that way and the service is limited. If you want in-class projects, feedback and personal guidance from a tutor, and you'd like a certificate to say you've finished a course, then you need to pay. It's easier to check all this out on the web at than through the app.

Click here to download Udacity for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Udacity

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free