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Apple Store goes offline ahead of big iPhone 6 launch

If you fancy buying an Apple product right this second (because when it comes to Cupertino, who can wait?), well, you're rather out of luck, because the online store is down right now.

Not because of some rogue DDoS fire, or gremlin in the technical works, but rather Apple has taken it offline to populate the site with new products, not to mention rejigged price points for older ones (and doubtless some cuts from the roster, too).

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The online store is simply displaying a message that says: "We'll be back. We're busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon."

Presumably not for the next two hours, mind, until the new products have been officially announced.

The message then scrolls through displaying every language under the sun, from French to Chinese.

Apple is expected to reveal a pair of new iPhones at its media event which kicks off at 18:00, and also quite possibly the iWatch – a lot more fashion press have been invited to this launch which indicates the design-led smartwatch should make an appearance. It may well be the famous "one last thing"...

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The iPhone 6 has also had its spec list leaked just prior to the event – and if the rumour mill is correct, the handset will have a sapphire display which isn't just waterproof, but also shatterproof. That would be quite a boon indeed (though not for mobile phone repair shops).

To watch live video of the launch, head here if you have an Apple device, or join us for live commentary and analysis of Tim Cook's big revelations as they happen.