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Have your say: Is the iPhone 6 hot or a flop?

After an entire year of rumour and speculation, the Apple iPhone 6 and (whisper it) the iWatch will launch today.

Apple will unveil its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6, today on Tuesday 9 September in its home town of Cupertino California. Everything will kick off at 10am California time, which equates to 6pm over here in the UK.

Interestingly, today will mark the first time in a very long time that Apple has thrown a launch bash at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts (the same venue where it launched the original Mac Computer and the iPhone 5.) Usually the Californian clever-clogs prefer to unveil their devices at their headquarters' bespoke "Town Hall" venue, or San Francisco's Yerba Buena Centre.

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We'd bet money that Apple has moved launch operations to the Flint Centre purely for the venue's seating capacity. Able to pack in over 2,405 audience members, it looks like Apple wants a bit more of an audience for the unveiling of the iPhone 6.

But is Apple's latest flagship a success, or a failure? Is it hot or not? Is it top or a flop?

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Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper

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