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How to watch the Apple iPhone 6 launch livestream on a Windows PC

Here's how to watch the Apple Event, and iPhone 6 launch on your Windows PC

  1. Download and install VLC Player (opens in new tab)
  2. Open VLC Player
  3. Click "Media" in the top left side (opens in new tab)
  4. Go to "Open Network Stream"
  5. Paste the Apple Live Event stream ( into the box that reads "Please enter a network URL" (opens in new tab)
  6. You'll see an "Unable to open the MRU file..." error due to the event not starting yet (if you're tuning in pre 18:00 BST) (opens in new tab)

Be sure to follow our live commentary and analysis of the iPhone 6 launch event as the action unfolds here. (opens in new tab) The whole team will be liveblogging their reactions, tips and insights.

Ok, you can thank us later, now go get watching!