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iPhone 6 will go on sale 19 September, but limited quantities of 5.5in phablet

The latest iPhone gossip is that both models of the next-gen smartphone, which is due to be revealed later today, will actually go on sale at the end of next week, on 19 September.

Previously there were fears that the 5.5in phablet version had been delayed and perhaps wouldn't be on sale until a month after the 4.7in model, either due to production issues (speculation pointed to the display), or as a part of Apple's overall sales strategy.

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The latest word, from (via Apple Insider) which has proved a previously reliable source, said the on sale date would be a week on Friday (which is in line with expectations), and that the phablet version will be on shelves on that day.

However, stock of the larger phone could well be limited, so it'll quite possibly sell out pretty quickly (particularly outside of the US – and particularly if folks pick up on this fact, and start buying them with the intention of sticking them on eBay for a grand).

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Of course, this is just a rumour itself. And equally, you could argue that limited stock of the phablet is a part of Cupertino's sales tactics – it doesn't hurt to create a "sold out" vibe around a new product launch...

We have less than 10 hours to wait to find out now, with the iPhone launch (and likely iWatch) happening at 18:00 GMT. You can watch the official Apple livestream on a device running Safari, and/or you can follow our live commentary and analysis right here.