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Mobile app of the day: Hyperlapse

If you have ever looked at fancy time-lapse videos and wished you could make something similar, then today is your lucky day – as long as you have an iPhone. There's a new standalone app from Instagram called Hyperlapse which allows users to produce time-lapse style videos.

Hyperlapse lets you shoot up to ten minutes of video on an iPhone 4 and a generous 45 minutes on an iPhone 5. It incorporates some fancy stabilisation technology so that handheld-shot video looks smooth and you get that real time-lapse feeling to things. The blurb says this is even effective if you shoot video when you are running, walking, jumping or falling – not something I've tried so I can't verify that.

You are in control of the speed that your time-lapse offers, going up to twelve times normal speed. Because this app comes from Instagram, it's a doddle to share video via that service, and footage is saved to the camera roll so you can share it to other sites from there.

If you are an Android handset user and want to get hold of Hyperlapse, well, you might have to wait a while. I've heard that before it can be developed for Android there need to be some changes made to the camera and gyroscope APIs.

Click here to download Hyperlapse for iOS.

Product: Hyperlapse


Price: Free