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Buy a protective case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus here

Holy cow, new iPhones! Yes, unless you are living under a rock, Apple dominated the tech news today with its new iPhones. However, unlike years past, there are two different screen sizes announced on the same day. Hoping to meet the needs of more consumers (and make more money), the fruit-logo company introduced a 4.7in and 5.5in model - the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, respectively.

Unfortunately, the new iPhones do not come with sapphire screens as rumours suggested. Still, Apple promises that the screens should be tougher than ever. Nevertheless, only a fool would carry it without a case. Not only does a scratched and scuffed phone look bad, but it decreases resale value too. Here are some of the iPhone cases you should be considering to protect your investment.


Hip Case+ "The Hip Case+ offers more functionality than any other case on the market. This versatile 4-in-1 system includes a rubberised grip, 180-degree rotating clip, interior 2-slot ID or credit card holder and low-profile kickstand. Not only can you clip, carry, prop and protect your phone, you can optimally position it for virtually any activity. Stash your ID, house key and credit card in the slots to travel light. Clip your iPhone to a belt, purse, or backpack. Prop it to watch media or talk hands-free. The possibilities are endless. Hip Case+ is Available in Black or Gray for the 4.7in iPhone 6", says PureGear.

Why I like it: The belt-clip protects the screen when not in use. The credit card holder is perfect for a night out with friends.


Engage Plus "X-Doria's Engage Plus protects the iPhone from scratches and scrapes while letting the beautiful industrial design of the iPhone shine through. The Engage Plus has a hard, durable polycarbonate shell and boasts a metallic coating across the lower half of the case and all edges. Laser-etched stripes add a stylish accent to this fashion-forward protective case. To keep your case looking great, Engage Plus is topped with an anti-scratch coating to resist scuffs and damage to the outer finishing. Available in Gold and Silver for iPhone 6", says X-Doria.

Why I like it: The beauty of the iPhone 6 shines through, but the design adds extra class.


Scene Grip "With a larger screen and a smooth metal body, you might need a little extra help keeping hold of the new iPhone. Scene Grip solves that need by combining a hard polycarbonate case with a tough, oversized, rubber outside to provide outstanding protection. The transparent back lets the iPhone's own natural good looks peek through. Etched grooves along the back help keep a firm hold and a co-moulded, thick frame protects against shocks, drops and jolts just in case things get out of hand. Scene Grip also protects the volume and lock buttons, extending a soft, rubbery cover that never blocks the control buttons. Available in Pink, Black, and Blue for iPhone 6", says X-Doria.

Why I like it: People with butter-fingers will benefit from the "grippy" sides. While I love the blue, many ladies will appreciate the pink.

PowerArmour, "The PowerArmour battery case boasts a lightweight, unibody design to power the new iPhone 6 without adding unnecessary bulk to the smartphone. The case features a patented slide-lock mechanism allowing users to easily install and remove the iPhone without scratches. The case also features a built-in LED fuel gauge which shows available battery power at a glance and a power saving on/off switch to ensure users never run out of juice", says BuQu Tech.

Why I like it: In addition to protection, the PowerArmour case will also give you longer battery life. While your friends are tethered to the wall, you can be free!


DUALTEK EXTREME SHOCK CASE, "Want ultimate protection for your new iPhone? Check out the DualTek. This tough, yet stylish case combines a streamlined design with impressive device protection. The patented design features an ergonomic grip, durable, layered construction and shock-resistant corner impact protection, to protect against bumps, drops or dings – including falls of up to six feet. Available in Matte Black, Arctic White, Caribbean Blue, Radiant Orchid, and Kayak Yellow for the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6", says PureGear.

Why I like it: Cases that offer a soft inner shell and a hard outer shell offer great protection. What really stands out here, is the great corner protection. The hole in the rear will allow you to proudly display the Apple logo (yes, that matters).


Express Folio, "The elegant Folio combines the protection of a case with the convenience of a wallet. Made of premium canvas or faux leather, the case features three built-in ID or credit card slots, with a magnetic flap that can also be used as a kickstand. Choose from Perfectly Black perforated faux-leather, Simply Caramel faux-leather or Naturally Navy canvas for the 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone 6", says PureGear.

Why I like it: This folio case protects the screen, while looking stylish and holding some credit cards.

Unfortunately, my impressions are solely based on appearances - for now. In other words, we cannot yet make any official recommendations.

Until the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are available, much is still a mystery. Once the phones and these cases hit the market, we will work on some hands-on experience. Until then, tell me in the comments if you see any more impressive-looking cases.