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Cupertino reveals WatchKit dev platform along with Apple Watch

Alongside its Apple Watch device which was revealed yesterday evening (opens in new tab), Apple has also announced its WatchKit developer kit.

Apple's smartwatch will work with third-party apps when it comes out early next year, with devs able to fashion their apps and ensure compatibility with WatchKit, which allows for custom notifications for example, or other deeper customised functionality.

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For example, as Mashable (opens in new tab) reported, Apple showed off an app from BMW that displayed where your car was parked, whether the door is locked and so forth. Partnerships with hotels are also planned, to allow guests to unlock their room door simply by waving their watch at it (even someone staggering back from the hotel bar at 2:00am can manage that).

This sort of neat stuff will help push the Apple Watch, and make for some compelling adverts which Apple's marketing team will doubtless already be crafting.

The Apple Watch doesn't go on sale until early next year, too, and while that may be disappointing for gadget fans who wanted to have one for Christmas, it's good news for app developers, and gives them time to get software ready for the smartwatch. Ultimately, that will mean a better initial experience for consumers, as well.

As for the smartwatch itself, not that many tech spec details have been released, but Apple has spilled some info which we rounded up in an article earlier today (opens in new tab).

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The Apple Watch has certainly met with something of a mixed reaction, and although the device has copped plenty of flak on Twitter, there are those who admire the design (opens in new tab), and it has potential – even if it looks rather pricey compared to the likes of the Moto 360 and other Android Wear competition.

We're still not convinced it's the device to ignite the smartwatch market, though...

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