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iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch: The reaction on Twitter

As you doubtless won't have missed, the iPhone 6 and its larger partner in crime, the iPhone 6 Plus, were launched last night (opens in new tab), along with the long awaited Apple Watch.

These were major moves for Apple, with two different sized smartphones being released, and the first phablet, not to mention the first new product since the iPad. And unsurprisingly, Twitter was aflame with comments and opinions on these new products. Quite literally aflame for the most part...

So we thought we'd take a stroll through some of the best 140 character decimations, proclamations, and, er, other "ations" which poured out via tweets after Tim Cook's big announcements.

Why don't we start with Stephen Fry? The well-known Apple device lover who is a self-proclaimed "fanboi" for over 30 years tweeted about those heaping scorn on the new products: "Just adore apple-haters. Imagine if people talked about Mercs or BMWs with such spewing bile! Funny old world. Apparently legal not to buy 1".

Tom Pritchard replied to him: "Not going to spew bile, but I'm going to be critical. From a pure hardware perspective the iPhone 6 is nothing special".

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And Ian Rennie added: "Imagine if Mercedes or BMW dominated a news cycle in the same way. It's a reaction to being oversold, Stephen".

Okay, what about Apple rivals? Well, HTC was quick to get a dig in on its official Twitter feed. The Android phone manufacturer said: "Bigger screen. Better performance. Elegant design. Welcome to the party #iPhone6", alongside a posted pic of the M8.

On the comedy front, the Sunday People tweeted: "Will it work in an independent Scotland? #iphone6questions".

And does Alex Salmond have a "plan b" if it doesn't?

In fact, the hashtag #iphone6questions has been rife since the launch, with many folks tweeting various gags out on that channel.

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Many of them concentrating on potential battery life issues, which is a worry for a lot of people it would seem, at least where the smaller 4.7in iPhone is concerned.

For example, Michelle Sammet tweeted: "Will the battery last longer than it takes me write this tw". (Did you see what she did there?)

Some Everton Fan asked: "Does it come with a pre smashed screen?"

It certainly doesn't come with a sapphire one, anyway, as many rumour mongers said it would.

Kate Hendricks asked: "Will it fill the void?"

That's unlikely, Kate.

Some folks had a dig about security issues in the light of the recent iCloud debacle (opens in new tab), and the new ApplePay feature. PayMe Schumer tweeted: "Now you can get your phone, photos, and your wallet stolen at the same damn time! Thanks #iphone6".

And Android users got their little barbs in aplenty. One example from Khrisnawan Adhie: "If you need help with your iPhone's new features, ask Android users, we've had this stuff for years #iphone6".

Developer Milos Paripovic noted: "#iphone6 still missing stereo speakers, wireless charging, NFC sharing, SD card slot, widgets, USB port, photosphere... Still 1+ years behind".

Other folks weren't so bothered about some of the "old hat" cracks. Kyle Willis tweeted: "So regardless of people saying the #iphone6 is already outdated technology, I'm more focused on what it can do photography wise".

So, to sum up, there was quite a bit of negative reaction to the new iPhones, but that's not really too surprising. There are always plenty of folks with buckets of cold water on hand when an Apple launch rolls around – but some of the criticisms and worries are certainly valid.

As for the Apple Watch, probably our favourite tweet on that was from Ricky Gervais. He said: "Just saved myself 350 quid", a message partnered with the image below:

(opens in new tab)

Ellen DeGeneres was similarly scathing: "So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we've checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius".

Journo Kevin Roose observed: "The Apple Watch is an imperfect vanity gadget for insecure status-seekers. It will be an enormous hit."

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Again, security aspects popped up in joke tweets. Karen said: "QOTD: Tired of NSA knowing your commuting patterns but NOT your blood pressure, heart-rate, sleep schedule? AppleWatch is here to fix that!"

There was some positivity out there, though. Twitter user Denys Zhadanov posted: "This actually looks good. Classy yet modern. #applewatch".

And on a more serious health note, Kristina Simmons asked: "It's interesting that Apple's watch can detect an abnormal rhythms. Wonder if this could help reduce heart disease in the future?"

Perhaps... though taken overall, the reaction of the Twittersphere to Apple's big launch event is unlikely to do much for the heart health of Cupertino's PR department.

Image Credit: Ricky Gervais

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