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Lenovo: PC champions who are now reaping the benefits

ITProPortal spoke to Lenovo's marketing director Andrew Barrow, about how Lenovo are keeping the PC alive and what's new for the company going into the future. Find out why Lenovo always believed in the PC market, and why the competition is losing out due to their lack of faith, as well as an exclusive insight into the latest on the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo.

We ask Daniel:

Are other companies now paying the price for abandoning the PC market early?

Where are things going in the PC market?

How is the acquisition of Motorola going?

How did Lenovo make the decision to acquire such a technology giant?

Do you seriously think you can take on the likes of Samsung and Apple in the mobile market?

What's your strategy going forward? More midrange smartphones or more high-end?

How will Lenovo be different from everything else in this saturated mobile market?

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