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Mobile app of the day: Calc+

It has been a while since I highlighted a calculator as my app of the day here at ITProPortal, but the last one I wrote about, MyScript Calulator, was good enough to earn a permanent place on my handset. Now, here comes the Android-only Calc+, and it too is going to be kept on my phone. This is a traditional looking calculator, but it has some nice features that the standard Android calculator lacks.

Features like being able to reuse the previous calculation, sharing calculations and storing calculations in notes are all useful. You can set the number of decimal places used and so determine the level of precision for calculations, and you can even edit a calculation – handy if you want to see the effects of changing just one element of a long sum.

A quick sweep from the left brings up a range of advanced selections like sin, cos, tan, X2, square route and so on, and there is a further screen with even more functions on it, and space for you to save constants of your own. Oh, and if you want to change the look, there are some skins you can apply.

Click here to download Calc+ for Android.

Product: Calc+

OS: Android

Price: Free