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What we know about the Apple Watch tech specs

Yesterday, Cupertino unveiled its Apple Watch alongside two new iPhones, but while the handsets will be on sale next week (19 September), the smartwatch won't hit the shelves until early 2015.

Indeed, while we know everything about the iPhone 6 models and their tech spec, Apple hasn't revealed the full spec of its smartwatch. But some details have, of course, been made available (otherwise it would have been a rather surreal launch).

Here's what we know so far...

The Apple Watch will come with a sapphire display that's scratch-resistant, but the company didn't reveal specifics about the exact sizes of the screen (there are two models, one slightly smaller), or its resolution (a pretty big omission, really). Those who saw the device in person, though, seem to have commented that the display is sharp enough, and Apple is billing it as a Retina display.

Inside the watch is an Apple S1 processor, though again, details on exactly what this is running at weren't revealed.

We also know that there's a heart monitor on board, for fitness fanatics and health-related shenanigans, and an accelerometer.

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The watch will hook up with the iPhone, and will be able to send and receive texts via the handset, and all the usual smartwatch functions.

The Apple Watch model uses 316L stainless steel which the company says is made 40 per cent harder and less susceptible to nicks and corrosion via a cold-forging process – and the posh Watch Edition will use 18 karat gold, no less.

Indeed, the latter will doubtless be pricey, and one final element Apple made us aware of is the price, or at least the starting price for the range. That will be $349 (£215), so even the most basic offering isn't exactly cheap – we can expect it to tip up pushing towards £300 in the UK. So what will the gold version weigh in at?

Compare that to the Moto 360, which is a very stylish looking and well received Android Wear device that will sell at £200, and, well, Apple could have a problem. We're not overly enamoured with the appearance of the Apple Watch ourselves – yes, on a basic level it looks pleasing enough, but it's considerably chunkier than we imagined it would be. We really thought Apple would produce something sleeker.

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There are also concerns about battery life, but we really can't suss out these issues until we actually get our hands on the device, of course.

On a more positive note, the UI does look slick indeed, with the nifty "Digital Crown".

Stay tuned for further Apple Watch coverage to come – we can't wait to go hands-on with it. Meantime, check out our first impressions of the smartwatch, and Apple's new iPhones, here.