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Apple iPhone 6 event’s miss list

Apple fans and the tech world at large are a demanding bunch meaning the unveiling a couple of days back of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch didn’t satisfy the most insistent of observers.

There are still a plethora of things that Apple didn’t reveal and below is a look at some of the announcements that weren’t made in Tuesday’s event.

Apple TV

Rumour mongers have been trying to work out what Apple is doing in terms of TV ever since the last Apple TV box was released almost two years ago. Most fingers point towards some kind of gaming element being added, however, there are many that still hope it releases a fully-fledged TV set of its own.

Apple Watch release date

One thing to come from the unveiling of its first wearable device was the lack of a definitive specification or, more importantly, a release date for the collection. It is being pegged at early 2015 and it looks like smartwatch fans will have to put Android Wear or Tizen on the Christmas list for at least one more year.

iPad update

Apple’s slates usually see some kind of release each year and there was hope that a little glimpse of a super-sized 12in screen iPad or even a gold colourway would find a way onto CEO Tim Cook’s stage. Alas, we will have to wait until October – or beyond.

New Macs

The company usually refreshes the line of laptops and desktops in the fourth quarter with this year’s update likely to include a 4K iMac as well as a feature-packed MacBook Pro that could get a whopping 16GB of RAM.

Is OS X Yosemite a freebie?

This question remains unanswered after the event, as does the release date for the next incarnation of OS X.


Apple’s music players haven’t been updated in some time and the only recent news is that the iPod Classic that started it all with a click of a wheel has been discontinued. Look to Apple to include a new raft of players if an expected October launch event materialises.

iPhone 6 Missing Features

With any smartphone launch there is always a list of features that didn’t make it and the iPhone 6’s version includes wireless charging, 32GB entry-level storage, better battery life and durability in the form of a waterproof coating.

All eyes are now on Apple’s next event that should take place in October and see any of the above announced.Porthole Ad

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