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Microsoft testing full Xbox One games in desktop browsers

Xbox One’s latest titles could soon be hitting a browser window near you after Microsoft began testing out playing games inside browsers and leveraging the power of the cloud.

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Images obtained by (opens in new tab) show that the experience looks exactly the same as the Xbox dashboard that is present on Xbox 360 consoles and when licensing details have been ironed out it will see most games able to be played in browsers.

The solution takes the console out of the video gaming process and doesn’t just run in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser as the current version can be seen on Google’s Chrome browser.

Currently the solution is being tested with Xbox 360 titles and offers the full experience that console owners have come to expect as well as Xbox’s branding and also shows other apps on the same console, with Xbox One titles already in development.

It is the fruit of a research project that was kicked off by the company to implement a cloud-based gaming system that leverages its power in order to reduce the lag that is the bane of any online multiplayer gamer’s life.

One of the hurdles that the service has to leap over is licensing and there are murmurings that it will have to work with publishers in order to make sure the gameplay becomes a reality and doesn’t affect PC game sales.

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The project is already past the concept stage, according to the same site, and as such there is speculation that the feature will come to Xbox Live user accounts in the near future – unless it chooses to kill it before even releasing it.

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