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Mobile app of the day: fuseMe

Oh no, not another messaging app! Well, actually, yes, but fuseMe is definitely worth giving a trial run. From messaging specialist Acision, fuseMe has a lot of features going for it. Of course, it gives you access to chat, SMS and video calling, that goes without saying, really, as does the presence feature which tells you who is online at the moment, along with group chat and VoIP support.

But there's more. You can add custom feeds through RSS to keep up to date with news, and there's a split-screen mode which you can use to browse content without leaving a chat session. To share something with whoever you are chatting with in split-screen mode, just drag the item – say a photo – into the chat. You can also send expiring messages – messages that disappear after a set time.

Of course, to really get value out of fuseMe you need some people to talk to and share with. That means family and friends need to register for the service as well as you. This is made slightly less painful by the app sending those who aren't registered an SMS if you try to contact them through it.

Click here to download fuseMe for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: fuseMe

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free