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Today's tech: Cheap iPhones, Google seeks to change lives, and the Apple Watch will be a flop

"Cheap" Apple is still more expensive than everything else 

Apple iPhone 5s and 5c prices slashed by £100 (opens in new tab)

The iPhone 5s and 5c are now £100 cheaper than they were a mere 24 hours ago. Apple slashed the prices of the 5-series following the announcement of the iPhone 6 series of phones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).

Those of you looking to get into Apple's ecosystem can get a brand new sim-free 5c for £319 or an iPhone 5s for £459 or £499 (16GB and 32GB versions respectively). Although spending £500 on a two-year old phone may be a little crazy, considering you can get a brand new sim-free Samsung Galaxy S5 for less.

No-one ask him where he got his inspiration from

Google X firm develops vibrating spoon to help Parkinson's sufferers eat (opens in new tab)

Google never ceases to amaze with its solutions to problems. The Mountain View-based firm recently acquired Lift Labs, a firm that has developed a device that allows Parkinson's or essential tremor sufferers the ability to use utensils.

The project, called Liftware, vibrates in a way that counteracts the user's tremors stabilising the utensil, allowing the user to eat without spilling or dropping their food. Lift Labs' founder, Anupam Pathak, believes the Liftware technology could eventually be used in other tools such as; keys, paint brushes, and other handheld tools.

Attacking the Apple Watch? That's some going after some low-hanging fruit

Report suggests Apple Watch will be a flop (opens in new tab)

A recent study that focuses on how consumers make the decision to purchase wearable technology has suggested that the Apple Watch may be a tough sell.

The study found three criteria that heavily affect the decision to make a purchase and found the Apple Watch wanting in all three. Allegedly the Apple Watch is too expensive, isn't compatible with enough devices and doesn't present good value.