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Apple Watch will get more health features and sensors in future versions

Both the new iPhones and Apple Watch have left a fair few folks disappointed – certainly concerning the latter, we felt it didn't quite have the svelte and slick look we were expecting. However, there was also disappointment regarding the actual functionality of the smartwatch.

In short, people were expecting quite an array of fitness and health capabilities packed into Apple Watch, but what we actually got was just movement tracking via the accelerometer and a heart rate monitor – functions that other fitness bands and watches offer already.

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Granted, Cupertino's smartwatch can do a lot more than this, and brings home innovation in other areas such as the UI with the Digital Crown, but on the core fitness front, a greater scope of functionality was expected.

But according to a Reuters (opens in new tab) report, Apple evidently recognises this, and is planning to introduce further health and fitness functions down the line.

The usual anonymous inside sources who spilled the beans to the news outlet said that "richer health features and additional sensors" are coming in later versions of the smartwatch. Things like sleep or blood sugar monitoring, for example, could be on the cards.

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Of course, packing more sensors into the device may present extra challenges in terms of keeping it as slim as possible – which is possibly why Apple left out extra sensors in the first-generation device (which, as we've mentioned, ended up a little chunkier than we envisioned as it is).

Releasing a new and improved version too soon, though, carries the ever-present risk of annoying early adopters who bought straight into the Apple Watch lifestyle. The smartwatch is expected to go on sale in early 2015, though reports suggest that price could be another stumbling block (opens in new tab) for the device.

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Darren Allan
Darren Allan

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