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'British Zuckerberg' Nick D'Aloisio has a massive dilemma on his hands: What choice would you make?

The UK's answer to Mark Zuckerberg (sort of) has a very interesting dilemma on his hands.

Nick D'Aloisio, the teenager who made waves when he created a news aggregation app that Yahoo snapped up for a reported fee of £20 million, is at a very important stage of his life.

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At 18, and boasting strong A-level grades, D'Aloisio is weighing up university offers and the prospect of a full-time job in tech.

Most people D'Aloisio's age are simply ecstatic to be moving away from the family home. However, having spent the last couple of years flying between London and California, while simultaneously studying, Nick isn't your typical undergraduate.

Since the age of 16, he's been immersed in the world of technology and has been leading a team of developers and designers working on the News Digest app (previously Summly) on behalf of Yahoo.

The app is believed to have been downloaded around two million times on Android and iOS devices, and featured in the official promotional video for the Apple Watch.

"I'm still undecided - I'm weighing up university and Yahoo," D'Aloisio told the BBC. "But I think there could be a nice middle ground here, where I think I could potentially... be doing some higher study as well as continuing on with Digest.

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"I am still very passionate about continuing my education, that's precisely why I made sure I finished school with everyone else in my age group, But at the same time this is a great product and we're working on some really exciting things."

It's a hell of a decision to have to make, but I'm sure he'll discover great things either way.

Aatif is a freelance copywriter and journalist based in the UK. He’s written about technology, science and politics for publications including Gizmodo, The Independent, Trusted Reviews, Newsweek, and ITProPortal.