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Child car death prevention from Forget Me Not Child Alert System

Life is a very precious thing, and for various reasons, not all people are lucky enough to procreate. Of course, adoption is also a great option to experience the miracle of seeing a child grow. Unfortunately, the experience of raising a child can turn tragic when something bad happens.

One of the biggest tragedies in the news lately, is toddlers dying in hot cars. When it happens accidentally, the parent will suffer in more ways than one. Of course, they will mourn the child's death, but also, live forever with the guilt. Such a horrific experience can destroy a family. Today, a new product is announced, that should prevent hot car deaths - the Forget Me Not Child Alert System.

"Beverly Marketing Management (BMM) has just released its working prototype of a child monitoring system that will alert parents when a child is accidentally left in a car seat. The summer has been riddled with the tragic loss of 19 toddlers leaving inconsolable grief to parents, family and friends who are left to face the harsh reality of the accident. With all of the safety regulations for helmets, seatbelts, airbags and car seats today, this tragedy seems preventable. BMM has been diligently working on the design since May and now has a working prototype to put into production within 30 days", says BMM.

The company further explains, "the system can be installed within 3-5 minutes and is adaptable to any car seat manufacturer, car make, or model. The system consists of a sensor pad, an electronic component and a smart phone app. The operation of the system utilises Radio Frequency and Bluetooth Low Power technology to transmit a signal between the car seat and cell phone. The placement of the child into the car seat triggers the device to automatically turn on. The device will ping once to assure the system is working properly. If the parent exits the car with the cell phone and gets within a distance of 10-15' without removing the child from the car seat, the phone will alert the parents with an audible and visible screen display that indicates the child is in the car seat. The optional revision of the audible alarm on a key fob will also be available in addition to the cell phone app".

While it is easy to think that this could never happen to you, I'm sure the parents that have done it, thought the same thing too. Come on, $99 (£61) is a small price to pay for peace of mind, right? Hopefully, toddler car seat manufacturers can integrate similar technology into future designs.

If you are interested, you can learn more here. No UK release date has been announced, as of yet though.