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HTC ready to follow Apple into wearables with early 2015 release

After seeing Apple make its big move into wearables earlier this week, HTC is now reportedly ready to get in on the act as sources have suggested that it plans to release a smartwatch in early 2015.

The news comes after speculation that the Taiwanese firm had scrapped all plans for a smartwatch over fears that it wouldn't be able to compete in an ever-growing market already occupied by the likes of Samsung, LG, Motorola and now, of course, Apple.

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HTC is likely to use a slightly altered version of Google's Android Wear platform in its watch, similar to when it added the Sense user interface to its smartphones when the Android operating system was still in its infancy.

This enabled HTC to equip its smartphones with unique features that appealed to consumers and a similar opportunity could now be available for wearables.

According to a source close to the company, it does indeed seem to be planning to include some distinctive software features that will immediately appeal to consumers, whilst also incorporating a unique, stand-out design.

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Despite having to play a bit of catch-up, everyone is currently so focused on the Apple Watch that HTC still has a bit of extra time to innovate. Apple thought their watch would be revolutionary, but HTC may just be gearing up to spoil the party.

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