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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders go live, with some models delayed

There has been something of a mixed reaction to Apple's new handsets – although that's nothing new – but if you're one of the crowd who are keen to own an iPhone 6, then you'll be pleased to know that pre-orders have just gone live.

Yes, you can now reserve your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on Apple's online store. The 4.7in iPhone 6 starts from £539 for the basic 16GB model, and the phablet 6 Plus starts from £619 for the same memory capacity.

The new handsets go on sale a week today, 19 September, and currently when you reserve your pre-order, the Apple site states that in the case of the base models of both iPhones, they will be delivered on 19 September "in most areas". That's also the ship date for the 4.7in iPhone with 128GB of storage.

However, if you want the 4.7in iPhone 6 with 64GB on board, a wait of seven to ten working days is listed. And there's a longer delay with the bigger sizes of the iPhone 6 Plus, namely the 64GB and 128GB options – they won't ship for three to four weeks, apparently.

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We had heard there might be stock shortages with the phablet, so this isn't a surprise. Apple appears to have concentrated efforts on the cheaper 16GB base version of the iPhone 6 Plus, figuring that's where most people's money will go.

If you want one of the pricier, bigger storage phablets next week, you'll have to get down to a bricks-and-mortar Apple store, and start queuing with all the others (yes, the lines started forming earlier this week in London, and way before the phone was even revealed in New York).

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