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Mobile app of the day: Contact Center

Drop Contact Center onto your iPhone and it gives you instant access to every messaging service you've got installed. That includes SMS and FaceTime as well as apps you may have installed like WhatsApp. Also, it links use of these apps to individual contacts, so that it is quick and easy to reach out to people using different services. Think of Contact Center as a launcher rather than as an app and you get the idea.

So, basically, each contact in your address book can have its own menu screen which offers different ways to contact them via nice big easy to tap icons. There are predefined options for each contact, such as sending a canned SMS or a photo message, and you can add more and change the predefined choices if you like. For those individuals or groups you communicate with a lot through a range of different apps and methods, Contact Center could be a real time-saver.

Click here to download Contact Center for iOS.

Product: Contact Center


Price: Free