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Netflix gets a lovely new search interface

Streaming media service Netflix is upping its game these days. Despite its woes with broadband providers, and the added expenses these have provided, the company continues to move forward on the innovation front. This time it’s the website getting an update.

The company has announced a new search experience, bringing what it hopes will be faster results and easier access to what you wish to watch.

This all means a new cover page which includes better art and an improved presentation. According to Netflix the new search will also make things easier for customers. "As you start typing your query, potential matches of TV shows and movies appear in the grid of cover art. The new style makes it easier for the user to scan the results and, combined with the infinite scroll functionality, gives the user an intuitive way to explore the Netflix catalog". This will include information on actors and others associated with each production.

A final improvement is also rolled into in this update - customers can simply type "netflix" into the search and it will now display all of the original content, which the company continues to expand on.

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The update should now be live for everyone, so head over to Netflix and check it out if you're a customer of the service.