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Today’s tech: Apple Watch 2 rumours, US Gov threatened Yahoo to co-operate, and how to delete U2’s latest album

3 days after the Apple Live event the rumour-mill begins turning again

Apple Watch will get more health features and sensors in future versions (opens in new tab)

Apple's Live event was a mere 72 hours ago, and we already have rumours concerning the Apple Watch 2... before the Apple Watch is even out.

Despite its good looks and innovative control scheme, the Apple Watch doesn't have the array of fitness features to make it a real competitor in the wearables market. The Apple Watch only has a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer, something that other devices (that don't cost $350/£216) already have.

Fear not, "two people familiar with Apple's plans" have revealed that the tech firm wants to include more health features and sensors in upcoming devices.

Yahoo's laughing now?

US government 'made an example' of Yahoo with $250k daily fine for PRISM resistance (opens in new tab)

It has been revealed that Yahoo didn't willingly give up its user's data to the NSA's PRISM scheme. Recent declassified documents have found that the US government threatened Yahoo with a $250,000 (£154,000) a day fine if the tech firm didn't comply with the NSA's requests.

To rub salt in the wound, following Yahoo's unsuccessful appeal against the fine, the US government then used the results of the hearing to press-gang other tech companies into the PRISM programme.

Mysterious iTunes virus known only as "U2"

How to delete Apple's free U2 album from iTunes (opens in new tab)

The hilariously awkward on-stage antics of Tim Cook and Bono speak for themselves, and resulted in the "biggest album launch of all time" with U2 unleashing its album on every. Single. iTunes account.

To the shock of no one, except U2, some of today's most read articles were guides to removing U2's Songs of Innocence from iTunes.